"...Quand Dieu veut manifester une vraie faveur, Il t’envoie dans le vaste monde, Il veut te montrer ses merveilles Par monts, forêts,
fleuves et champs. Les fainéants sont dans leur lit Ignorant la joie des aurores, Ils ne connaissent que berceaux, Tracas, peines et soucis du
pain. Les ruisseaux dévalent des monts, Là-haut les alouettes s’égosillent, Que ne chanterais-je avec elles À tue-tête et clairs poumons?
Je laisse faire simplement le bon Dieu: S’il veille aux ruisseaux, aux alouettes, À terre et ciel, forêts et champs, Il pourvoira au mieux pour moi."

"At the moment, it is difficult for me to say what will happen next...

Times are changing and the difficulty (at all levels) is becoming greater than ever; restrictions, controls, computerization of everything, lack of raw material for vinyl records, pandemic and closed borders, the lethargy of the cattle-people, the dictatorship of good thinking and the hegemony of Judeo-Catholicism (so much as to say of the "Judeo-Romans" who destroyed the Genuine Christianity of the first centuries, as well as Arianism, among others...) and the single thought about the world... In short, End of The World (and not "End of A World", a formula that reassures the fearful still clinging to the lies), and attempt of globalisation by corrupt elites (industry, finance, laws) who have not yet understood that everything is going to collapse no matter what they do...Order of Nature governed by the Supernatural...All this takes back its rights for the Authentic Universality which
is not and never will be what they call; "Universalism"!

To come back to our musical subject: the continuation could be here ; on the label IDIOPHONE [www.swesorbhrater.com]
But I'm not responsible for that anymore !

As for my own productions, to come (if there are any), they could be released, eventually, and for the moment, in digital format. I'm thinking about that...because my vision of ART is TOTAL: mystical,
philosophical and political... For who knows, the content is more important than the form. Anyway, I have everyone's emails to keep informed."