Each of my new incarnations -since the late 1990s- is accompanied by a new sound project and graphic.
Here is why it is very difficult to follow me, but also why the basis of my artistic work is Anonymity (A//).
Indeed, my inspired human part produces an Art reflecting the Universal Cycle (the round of the planets) around
the Solar Star of a System, itself orbiting around an Anonymous Polar Centre. Each incarnation represents
a Cycle of Evolution. Nothing is fixed, everything is transformed tirelessly...until the ultimate Transmutation.

Will understand who can !

I can see myself in the figure of a Caucasian Gypsy travelling at the mercy of cosmic influences,
like the wind, guided by the mysterious North Star on the earth of my dead brothers called "fellow men"...
My ultimate symbol is "Swastika". And it is also the authentic and traditional symbol of my people
always in the saving wandering.